Glen's Crayon Art
Welcome to Glen's Crayon Art

I love to draw and create paintings with the very same wax Crayola 64 crayons we used as kids. My goal is to create fine art using only these wax crayons and paper.

I call it painting with crayons or crayon art.

It seemed insulting enough to be told that I had to use crayon, instead of oil paint, when I was ten. Then, the unthinkable!  The teacher broke all of the crayons in my brand new box of Crayola 64, and dumped them into the shoebox that I was told to bring. She taught us all about mixing color just like a pallet of oils.

She said, "You can make crayons look like oil paint if you work at it".....and I am still working at it. I did oil paint, and then moved on to 40 years of serious photography. I dreamed and planned for a life filled with photographic images……..

but wait….. What about crayons? What if I tried to take those cumbersome crayons to a “fine art” level?  It would be kind of unexpected; don’t you think?